Water Color Crazy

Water Colors... and a bit of pain.

Me and my friend have a lot of time on our hands, or at least enought to play the scrabble app too much. I was stumped for a word and suddenly I found myself staring into my soda pop and this came to mind, bubbles and puzzles.

I call it 'Puzzling'.

This is an Alien that I have been creating in my head for a while, not a name for her or her species, but I know how she looks and acts so that's all I need to draw her... she is stunning isn't she.

I call this 'Alien, Unknown'.



I've been home secured for a while and had the time to really play with my water color pencils and paints.

I call this Anesthesia because that is about what I dreamt/felt while was under.


Mark My Scrapbook...

About How I felt, this is Cinder from, you guessed it, Cinder. A lovely, almost steampunk or Gaslight, take on Cinderella... but even moreso it is Mechanoganic... she is a Cyborg, to tell you any more would ruin the story so go read it, tis awesome.

Today was my first surgery, I had a wonderful time, making my doctors and nurses laugh, breaking the rules a little, and now drinking and eating things that either don't taste good or don't have any real texture, you know liquids.

Now enough about real life, art is bout it not being real, same as computers are so it's virtual and 3rd person limited.

This is Kirino from Ore wa Imouto
This is art for the song "This Ain't A Love Song, This is Goodbye" by Scouting for Girls
This is Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter, a School read but so far a good one.
This is about/for the song "Nothing" by the Script, including their Lyrics.


New Year!!!!

I've had a wonderful new year, but I've been so busy that my drawings have lacked attention. It's time to get back into this routine.

This is fanart but I like it all the same, this is the rough version. I plan to either upload a smooth here aswell or repost this with the link to the revised version.

This is Aria Holmes Kanzaki from Aria the Scarlet Ammo

and I also have a Howl's Moving Castle Fanart. This is Sophie and Howl and I call it "I want to Fly, Too."


Couldn't get inspired... Then I did.

Tur-DAAAA. My unispired peice, then I got inspired!!! I was upset-ed by this fact.

This a girl sittin' in the sun.

This is the background of the picture above. Also the first time I ever used Correl instead of Photoshop.

A girl in a white gown called Purity

Same girl with inspiration... yeah...



I have thus decided...

Tghat I shouls do such a thing as a sketch blog, even if noone looks at it. something to go back to when I'm old and crinkly or even to let others know what I'm doing.

so... yeah.
I'm not much into talking about myself so on with the pictures.