About Me

I am fun loving, for the most part and have a lot of things on my mind at any one time. I like to read, write, and draw. I am an overachiever in school and seem to have no time for anything but homework and doodles.

My Favorite

Food- Mac-n-Cheese
Drink- Pespi Throwback or Chocolate Milk

TV Show- Dr. Who or Bones
Cartoon- Young Justice or Invader Zim
Movie- Harry Potter or Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog
Anime- Moribito: Guardian of the Water Spirit or Princess TuTu
I really like all animes though.
Manga- The Manag Textbooks series or Luna
Book- Evil Genius

Favorite App- Webster's Dictionary, Vulcan Translator, and MangaShorts
Favorite Tech- iPod Touch 2nd generation or Kindlefire
Favorite Drawingh Tool-
Traditional- Prisma Markers and Brush markers w/ water
Digital- Photoshop Elements 3.0

Song- The Geeks Get the Girls by American High-Fi
Music Genre- Pop Rocks
Band- Nickle Back or OneRepublic
Artist- Skye Sweetnam
Anime Theme- Bouken Deshou Deshou or Sakura Kiss
Cartoon Theme- Young Justice

Artist- Franz Marc
Painting- Red Horses
Style- Anime or Stylized Realistic
Anime Style Artist- Howls Moving Castle Mangakus
dArtist- Strays Wirters, Burgebug, and Flipperfloppery

Dance- Lyrical or Ballet
Choreographer- Fosse
Style- Free Movement

I am in the School Clubs of, or partiocipating with...
Short Fiction Workshop
Cosplay Club
Anime Club
Scholastic Bowl
Dance Team
Math Buddies

I do NOT paly sport voluntarily. PE is about the furthest extent of my sports. Though I do like to point out to the sports teams that our schools largest number of District Champions, Trophies, Plaques, Regional Champions, Ribbons and Glory comes from Forensics.

This year I'm taking
Draw/Paint 3/4
Pre IB Chemistry
AP European History
plus Support Block
Pre IB Spanish Three
Driver's Ed./PE
Pre IB English 10